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Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Larry and the Doctor: A cut-up experiment.

I've been on a Burroughs kick the past couple of days and fudged around with an online cut-up machine tonite:

Here's the result,"Larry and the Doctor."

Death -- it incense of the having mask and meat to the together.

“The fantastic, they flies yet?”

“It's in smell and, and meat ferals. Think Aroma. It Sex smell. Try candles -- fun realm.”

“Oh we call subtle Someone discreet doctor, discreet, in -- get Larry in Death together. Oh flies, it's doctor Sex!”

The fantastic we in, and are mask. Try. Someone smell it. Realm in ferals and try subtle the call. The think flies the A.

“It the Sex call, doctor. Incense. The fantastic fun discreet Larry smell it's realm.”

 “Discreet the smell to yet?”

 With having think and to meat incense, meat and candles, someone realm of The Aroma and Oh! Aroma!

 “The Death fun meat! The candles discreet together get ferals. Get realm, Larry, and smell discreet. A meat subtle. We having mask yet?”

 In the Sex, Oh! Sex, the mask and in discreet smell, we try mask the smell and someone meat call meat.

 “And Aroma -- smell flies, realm fantastic yet? It Death ferals. The flies and subtle get Death meat. They candles and it's in having of candles... it subtle.”

 Someone! Oh! Subtle and fantastic. With try, it flies discreet and to incense.

"Try call and we think Someone Aroma. The realm smell. Meat realm of incense discreet.”

 “Are we having Larry? Having Someone discreet? The fantastic, Oh! Together.”

 The smell and a mask think it smell together.

 “Call the Larry -- flies think they ferals.”

 “It's Larry. A Death. they get with mask in A:A realm.”

 “The together having Aroma yet? Within are fun meat.”

 Discreet call, fun to ferals in Sex. Ferals get meat candles. Subtle incense, discreet doctor.

 “Are fun in? Are -- it's Oh! doctor! Death smell and candles. Incense the smell realm with Sex they meat, Aroma, and fantastic fun. Doctor in to try yet?”

Discreet get realm doctor. Larry think meat.

 “Discreet the together to yet?”