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Saturday, April 18, 2020

Weird Bummer Compilation #2

About two weeks later than I meant, but you know, been busy pulling nose hairs for undisclosed regions. This rockin' comp is about an hour and 15 minutes. Below are artist and song titles, with links to the albums or tracks. I couldn't bring myself to type out all the album names, as I have to get back to pulling nose hairs for my art installation projects. Thanks to all the bands and artists who participated, and thanks to you for listening. After you listen, go throw money at all these great bands and artists, because they're all broke, as they all sank their fortunes into my doomed nose hair art venture(s).

Racoo: "How Did We Get Here" (2019)

Proto Idiot: "Mountain" (2020)

USA Nails: "I Am The Things I Buy" (2020)

Talacactus: "Rosa Lux" (2019)

Nervous Curtains: "Mask" (2019)

Phil Reynolds and the Dearly Departed: "Quickstep" (2018)

Lucy Morris: "Five Days" (2018)

Skyline Advantage: "A Safe Haven" (2020)

The Slow Hours: "Union City Blue" (unreleased)

Dot Dash: "Gray Blue Green" (2018)

Pisspoor: "Sob (Exaltedamongnations)" (2020)

Windham / Herbeck / DeMolay: "Console Cowboys / Chiba City Comsat (POP MIX)" (2018)

Sauveterre: "Cliches"

Sidewalk Furniture: "Jadzia" (2020)

Idiot Blur Fanboy: "Special Brew Can Man" (2020)

The Mood Taeg: "2MR" (2016)

Adam Holtz: "Way Up High" (2019)

Mythical Motors: "Liquid Measuring Cups" (2020)

Nanaki: "Setsuna" (2018)

Veto: "A Song About Trees" (2013)

Sailing Neptune: "Black Haired Woman" (2019)

Shanghai Treason: "Can't Even Hang A Man Right" (2020)