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Sunday, September 20, 2020

Harmonica Lewinski and Billy Dunz's "Mr. Disco Pants"

Harmonica Lewinski is from Rochester, NY. A great band name and the video for their song "What's Behind the Veil" is the f'n s.

"What's Behind The Veil" is off their 10" "Human BBQ," physical copies still available on Bandcamp. Human BBQ was released back in April, 9 tracks, a little over 20 minutes of weirdo lo-fi surf-and-psych-tinged garage rock...highly recommended, and looks to be their first release since 2018.

This great Tarintino inspired stop-motion video is by Billy Dunz, the creator of a web series called "Mr. Disco Pants." I've never heard of it, so I watched the first episode. Mind. Blown.: