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Sunday, October 4, 2020

CNQ Top 20 Sunday Countdown

20. Proto Idiot: “Difficult Questions” (Fub, Rigmarole Records, 2020) 19. Shanique Marie: “Freak” (2020) 18. Máscaras: “Braidwaves” (El Morán, 2017) 17. This Heel: “Cave Crickets” (Cave Crickets, 2020) 16. Salem Trials: “Head On Rong” (Metal Postcard Records, 2020) 15. Tall Black Guy Productions: “Gimme Mine feat. 80s Babies” (Restless As We Are, 2020) 14. Harmonica Lewinski: “Poison Pill” (Human BBQ, 2020) 13. Coffin Club: “Rain” (Nowhere Nowhere, 2020) 12. You Will Flood The River: “Evil Frank Is Dead” (Metal Postcard Records, 2020) 11. Damu the Fudgemunk, Archie Shepp and Raw Poetic: “Learning To Breathe (Album Version)” (Ocean Bridges, Redefinition Records, 2020) 10. Sparkle Division: “Oh Henry!” (To Feel Embraced, Temporary Residence Ltd., 2020) 09. Science Man: “That Shadow” (Match Game, Swimming Faith Records, 2020) 08. Liiek: “Waterfall” (s/t, Adagio830, 2020) 07. Big $ilky: “Baby Shower” (Big $ilky Vol. 1, 2020) 06. The Men: “Cool Water” (Mercy, Sacred Bones Records, 2020) 05. Yuvees: “Yr Not Invited” (Human Dance, 2020) 04. Santa Sprees: “Getting Married All The Time” (Sum Total of Insolent Blank, 2020) 03. Brian Bordello: “So Sad” (King of No-Fi, Metal Postcard Records, 2020) 02. Brandy: “(Wish You Was) Madball Baby” (The Gift of Repetition, Total Punk Records, 2020) 01. Night Shop: “Waiting” (The Fountain, Salinas Records, 2020)