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Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Punk, Alt and Indie from Argentina, Switzerland, Japan, Italy, the UK and Australia

Like, at this point, what is the difference between "alt" and "indie" rock? Was there ever a difference? I typically just go with however the band or artist describe themselves. It doesn't matter really. Rock'n'roll is finite, and will only last as long as its youngest fan -- so enjoy it while it lasts, aficionado!

Here's Argentina's Desborde with a steller new punk single and a b/w, featuring one of the guys from Emboscada, whose demos I've featured on CNQ a couple of times. This go-round there's some synth and it's just totally rockin', a must-listen:

Voodoo Rhythm Records is from Bern, Switzerland. Active since 1993, they specialize in garage punk, surf, trash rock, and one-man bands. Here's a smattering of what they have to offer. Cool stuff:

Alien Nosejob is the solo project of Australia's Jake Robertson, the guitarist from Ausmuteants. Ausmuteants we haven't heard from in a while, but Robertson has been busy with Alien Nosejob. I got Suddenly Everything Is Twice As Loud on vinyl last year, after it's January 2020 release, and it is super solid. HC45-2 is his third Alien Nosejob release since, and I haven't listened to any of these, so I need to do a little catch-up. Robertson is a talent -- HC45-2 is noisy punk with elements of thrashin' metal guitar shredding, not like the Devo-esqueness of Ausmuteants at all, but equally as enjoyable. It's interesting, on the Alien Nosejob Bandcamp page, it makes no mention of Robertson being with Ausmuteants, which I feel like got big enough underground-wise he would want to make the connection/remind folks? Who knows. At any rate, you owe it to yourself to listen to this six song, eight minute EP. Totally rockin':

If I like or think an artist or band is half-way promising I'll follow and subscribe to their Bandcamp updates. So since I've been doing this since 2012, I get a ton of Bandcamp updates daily. But I'm very bad at following up on these new releases from bands I've tracked, preferring instead to dig around the Bandcamp new releases, just because that's fun to me. Lately I've been on a tear with CNQ, so I'll try to do some upkeep with these Bandcamp new releases I get, in addition to my preferred method of digging through the new releases. Here's a couple from Don't Worry, a band from Essex. My touchstone for this sound is Los Campensinos and '80s UK alt-rock. Enjoyable indie-rock:

You can also order a promotional poster for these two tracks. The art is cool, check it out.