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Thursday, June 10, 2021

Fat Tony (Houston); Throat (Finland); The Ducks (UK); Iron Lung (Seattle); XUXWXUX (Atlanta); Liquid (Indiana) -- Hip-Hop, Noise Rock, Punk and Powerviolence

Houston's Fat Tony has a boss new video, "Je Ne Sais Quoi:”

Throat are a 4 piece noise rock outfit from Finland. Their latest album, "Smile Less," was released back in May. This single, "Shots," is super solid:

The Ducks' new single and video, "Bag For Life," is what I'm here for. The Ducks are from the UK:

Seattle's Iron Lung Records is a record label, but I guess maybe also a band? Not sure, but they found physical copies of this powerviolence effort from 2013, and they're already all sold out, but you can listen to the full album here. A Bandcamp fan comment says "not for pussies or morons." Okie-dokey -- so I guess it's for dicks and genius-level intellects. At any rate, it's heavy, I like it:

Atlanta's Already Dead Tapes and Records has released this single off a new tape that you can pre-order. Crazy noise, love it:

You can get all of Liquid's 15 album discography for $5. A one person act from Indiana, apparently. Their latest release, from January, is a full length called "Life is pain Idiot." Really fun stuff: