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Sunday, February 6, 2022

Bigflower (Liverpool); Die Geister Beschwören (California); No Monster Club (Ireland); PoT/MaN (Phoenix); Wóma (UK)

Here's some psych, post-punk, power pop and experimental tunes tonight.

CNQ fave Bigflower has a new track out. Quality as always from the psych-leaning post-rock band out of Liverpool:

Die Geister Beschwören is a "Portland/Humboldt psych-folk ensemble," and their new digital six song release, Ghosts, This Is Survival is worth a listen for "mossfolk" aficionados. Good stuff:

No Monster Club is a three piece out of Ireland, and their first album in five years, deadbeat effervescent is due out Feb. 11 from Popical Island/Emotional Response Records. The single, "Save the Circus," is a killer power pop track:

PoT/MaN is post-punk out of Phoenix, also a three piece. This s/t EP is their debut. Achieves post-punk heaviosity, I'm a fan:

England's Hiru Records has a new release, an improvised drone-based album by the artist Wóma called Drán & Ongalnes. Created solely using an experimental, resonating steel instrument called a bow chime, dig it: