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Sunday, February 27, 2022

Rothbard Cottingham Bandwagon (Texas); Salem Trials (UK); BRNDA (Washington, DC)

From Earth, Texas, the two piece Rothbard Cottingham Bandwagon has a nice new instrumental track out called "Soft." Rothbard has been steadily pumping out material since I purchased his all handpan album The Happy Ten, back in 2017, but I've been remiss to keep up. Shame on me. Here's "Soft":

New Salem Trials courtesty Metal Postcard. Just gets better and better:

DC's BRNDA has a 10 track album called Do You Like Salt?, available on vinyl, CD, and now, cassette. It was released in August of last year and I totally missed it -- they had a WaPo feature in September 2021, and a shit ton of people are supporting them on Bandcamp, so I'm late to the party here. But it's a rad album. Here's the video for "Service Loser" and then "Perfect World":