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Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Three Singles from The Legless Crabs

Ya know I completely forgot to mention, The Legless Crabs have a new video for their smash no-hit, "(I Wanna Be A) Cult Musician," from the recent Metal Postcard release, Always Your Boy. Cult Musician will also be released as a single soon on MP, with a b-side that I think is pretty rad, but honestly I don't even remember what it was I sent to Sean for the flip. Meanwhile here's the video for Cult Muso, directed by Son of El Borko, the Crabs' shadowy, bizarre front man and main lyricist:

The erstwhile three to four piece also have a couple of new tracks available for pay what thou wilt over on their Bandcamp page, "I Know What Yr Dad Is Sayin' (And He's Wrong)," and "Anti-Christian Scientists." Appreciation of naive noise rock and a degenerate sense of humor may be required to fully enjoy, but give it a listen anyway: