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Wednesday, June 1, 2022

CNQ Live at 8PM CST 6/1/22

So it turns out 10 is a little late for this old timer. Tonight I'm going to try 8p for a live show, so here in about thirty minutes. Might have to keep adjusting the time until I fall into a rhythm, I certainly don't think I can do a live show every night, but whenever I settle on which days of the week I'm going to do this, I'll try to keep it a consistent time as well. But in the meantime, tonight's show is at 8p CST.

For an hour's worth of killer tunes, click here to listen, or click the play button on the embedded player at the top of the blog's desktop version. So far nobody's listening live (and barely nobody's listening to the shows once I've archived them on Mixcloud), but that's never stopped me from doing something before!

...and here's tonight's show archived: