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Monday, August 1, 2022

Five Bucks, Eyes and Flys, Salem Trials, The Khats, K. Board and the Skreens, Rudy Now & The Negative Cutters, Legless Crabs, Legless Trials, Desiccate, Noose Sweat, Atoxxico, Shifty Poles, Tin-ear

A new demo from a band called Five Bucks on Poland's almighty Syf Records label. Italian "eggpunk," sounds great:

I did an interview with Syf Records a while back, but haven't been keeping up with their releases like I should.

Tetryron Tapes out of Buffalo has a new full length digital release called "Manic AM" from a band called Eyes and Flys. Haven't listened to all of it yet but Tetryon puts out cool stuff and the first track, "Asbestos Fiber on a Sunbeam," is quality garage psych-punk:

Both Syf and Tetryon are cool tape labels. I've been daydreaming for a while about making a little CNQ boutique label. I tried once before, put out Dr. Nod's awesome Top Tips (see sidebar for ordering info!). Maybe it's time to try to something like that again.

Speaking of cool labels, not a week goes by that Metal Postcard Records doesn't have some new stuff to share. I played both of these bands on my most recent KPISS.FM show. Salem Trials is producing radical tunes at a gazillion miles a minute, and The Khats is the same guy who does K. Board and the Skreens, I think. Great stuff:

And don't forget, also from MP, the latest from Rudy Now and the Negative Cutters:

...oh and the latest Legless Crabs and Legless Trials!:

I've been having so much fun with the KPISS.FM radio show (next one is August 13, at 5P EST, btdubs), and the show I turn on and blab into the aetheyr when I feel like it, then post it to Mixcloud. But a blog post can be a hoot too. So let's do an old fashioned CNQ dive into Bandcamp new releases and see what pops up:

First thing of interest, Desiccate's "noisy fuck punk" demo from Hamilton, Ontario. I gotta say, there's nothing better than a noisey demo tape:

More righteous noise, this from Vancouver:

Mexican punk from 1988!:

Synth-punk from London:

Finally, some bitchin' rock'n'roll from Saint Edward Island: