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Thursday, August 25, 2022

Jay Brown and the Legendary Ten Seconds, Santa Sprees, No Base Trio

Got some interesting submissions for you tonight. And don't forget to tune in to the Clean Nice Quiet Hour on KPISS.FM this Saturday, 8/27, at 4P Central/5P Eastern. I'm having a lot of fun doing those, there's a chat you can get in on the KPISS website and gab with me as I play tunes.

Jay Brown and the Legendary Ten Seconds are out of the UK. They contacted me about their sci-punk track, "The Time Stream," which is pretty good, but I really liked this follow up release, "The Torquay Sandyman."

Did you know there's vinyl available for Santa Sprees' Fanfare for Tonsils? Great album:

Check out this improvisational jazz/noise combo called No Base Trio, based out of NYC. Their second album, NBT II, is coming out October 14th, 2022, on Setola di Maial. Here's a track from it and a video from their first album: