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Sunday, August 14, 2022

The Clean Nice Quiet Hour on KPISS.FM 8.13.2022

 Robyn Hitchcock - The Shuffle Man 
 Blushing - Sour Punch 
 Moon Hooch - Cone Bros III 
 Meridian Brothers - Bomba Atomica 
 Al Marantz - Street Dog 
 The Slime - Death Champs 
 Heaven's Gate - Jerusalem Syndrome 
 Fugitive - The Javelin 
 Low - More 
 The Legless Crabs - Manatee 
 Tin-ear - Tin Life 
 Arzachel - Queen St. Gang (Soul Thing) 
 Jake Holmes - Dazed and Confused 
 David Naughton - I'm a Pepper 
 The Remains - Why Do I Cry 
 The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Magical Colors (31 Flavors) 
 Air - Brakes On

Here's the CNQ Hour KPISS.FM archive: