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Saturday, October 22, 2022

Shanno Whamo World first episode from last week; CNQ subbing in for OOO at 3PM Central on KPISS.FM (followed by regular CNQ KPISS show at 4p)

Mrs. CNQ herself, Shanno Whamo, has her own show now on KPISS.FM as well -- every other Sunday at 6p Central! Do you dare enter Shanno Whamo World? If so, prepare to hear musical delights of the many genres- power pop, pop punk, country AND western, sad stuff, nasty stuff, screamy stuff and other stuff! Here's her first show from the 16th, and be sure to tune in for her next show on the 29th!

Meanwhile here Saturday 10/22, I'll be subbing in for DJ CD Playa on the OOO Show at 3PM Central on KPISS.FM, and the CNQ show will of course be at 4p. Not to be missed if you're super-cool like I know you are, reading this and all.