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Thursday, March 23, 2023

Squeamish (Atlanta); Assassun (Berlin); Magna Zero (Los Angeles); Salem Crabs (Leeds/Dallas); Salem Trials (Leeds); Super Hit (Portland)

Alrighty, here's some cool new albums from Bandcamp. I'll be playing stuff from these new albums on my Saturday KPISS.FM show, it's usually 5P Eastern / 2P Pacific, but this Saturday DJ CD Playa of the OOO Show won't be there and has graciously let me sit in on her spot, so I'll be on at 4P Eastern and playing tunes for two full hours, so be sure to tune into that on the Internet over at KPISS.FM or Radio Garden (and apparently there's a KPISS app for you Apple cultists.)

Squemish is punk rock out of Atlanta. Their Bandcamp debut Burn Down Stone Mountain is the good stuff:

ASSASSUN's Chronic Quicksand Depression Morning is the new full length from Blackjack Illuminist Records, out of Germany. I've been featuring a lot of releases from Blackjack Illuminist lately, they're putting out rad sounds regularly. Gothy synth-punk, sehr cool:

Magna Zero is based outta LA. Their new album, The Great Nothing, is sprawling r'n'r in the vein of Jane's:

Metal Postcard Records naturally has three new releases out this week: