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Friday, June 23, 2023

Rat Motel; Ginger Root; Jay Royale; Bumble B. Boy; Choir Boys; Verminizer; Isaac Watters; Thank; David Wallraf; Salem Trials; Reine des L​é​zards

It's been a little over a month since my last new music round-up, so here we go. And don't forget tomorrow, Saturday 6/24 at 5p EST is Clean Nice Quiet on KPISS.FM, the golden stream. Here's some stuff you might hear on the show:

Rat Motel's full length The Rat Motel is finally out, it's great stuff, I've been playing tracks from it on the show. Here's a killer new single from The Rat Motel, "Dead Man."

Ginger Root's got a new EP up on Bandcamp, plus vinyl. This came out in September 2022 apparently, but Huntingon Beach's finest purveyor of "aggressive elevator soul" didn't upload it to Bandcamp until this week:

Hip-hop fans should take note of Baltimore's Jay Royale's new full length, Criminal Discourse. 2020's The Baltimore Housing Project is a classic as far as I'm concerned, and what I've heard so far from Criminal Discourse does not disappoint:

My buddy Christo from the excellent Echobox music program The Hidden Fruits of Terra turned me on to this Australian/Dutch failed children's entertainer and art-punk musician, Bumble B. Boy. Fun stuff:

For hardcore fans, Choir Boys from Germany have release 30 Years of Choir Boys. Killer blastbeat, plus they got cassette and t-shirts:

Speaking of heavyosity, here's some righteous noise. It's the debut album from Verminizer, a band from somewhere in the USA, and they describe it as "blackened grindy noisy industrial glitch thrash," and that sounds right. It gets my seal of approval:

Recorded live at the Hi-Res Records Studio in LA, here's new video for Isaac Watters' "Coconut in the Street," it's a cool track, and from an EP called Extended Play 002, due out August 30:

Leeds' Thank can do no wrong, as far as I'm concerned:

I've featured Hamburg, Germany's David Wallraf on the blog a lot, he does great noisescape stuff, and he has a new releae on the French tape label Falt. The cassette's already sold out, but you can listen and purchase the digital of course. If you're a fan of avant garde, experimental sound art like I am, you should def check out Wallraf's new release, SANTÉ ET EFFICACITÉ:

Finally, would it be a CNQ round-up without bitchin' new releases from Metal Postcard Records???