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Tuesday, March 12, 2024

CNQ on 8K.NZ (now 11P-12A EST until April 7)

Demoted - Shaken 

x= - (In)Dignity of Work

Jean Mignon - Sweet Burnin’ Hog 

Choncy - Opportunity Cost

Total Sham - koolaid

Full of Hell - Doors to Mental Agony

Toxic Holocaust - Rat Eater

Sunk Heaven - In The Flesh 

Lunchbox - Dinner for Two 

Pat Thomas - Gye Wani 

Soft Cell - Bedsitter 

Modern English - Long In the Tooth

Major Mackrel feat. Colin Roach - Duppy

The Revolutionaries - Unknown Dub

The Society Squad - Skylarking (Version)

O-D-EX - Spring Break 

Guided By Voices - Jack of Legs

The Mind Spiders - You Are Dead

Tammy St. John - Nobody Knows What’s Going On (In My Mind But Me)

....and check out the THREE HOUR KPISS.FM Spring Backward Special from Saturday