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Saturday, June 15, 2024

CNQ on 8K.NZ (06.11.2024)

Francoise Hardy - Tous Les Garcons et Les Filles

Herbie Hancock - Wiggle Waggle 

Gil Scott- Heron - Pieces of a Man

The Skatalites - Russian Ska Fever

Cornelius - Mic Check 

The Pastels - Speedway Star 

Beat Happening - Sleepy Head 

Tyvek - Return to Format

The Catsanovas - I Want to Be Loved

The Vals - I’m Stepping Out with My Memories

The Morloch - Time Machine 

Doctor Nod - Wha???

Smudge - Make All Our Dreams Come True

The Invincible Czars - Count Orlok’s Theme

The Slime - Blood Island

Vlimmer - Lichtbruch 

Blood - Bone Dry

The Pretty Things - She’s a Lover