Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Mark Chapman Experience: "I Want To Be Around" (199?)

The information on this post is incorrect. For updates and corrections on this post, please see my updated post.

From a 7" put out by Booger Records sometime in the 1990s, this arty freak-out is, believe it or not, the most listenable track out of the four "songs" on the EP.

Here's The Mark Chapman Experience Myspace site; here's a Year Zero Records post that shares another EP of theirs; and here's a Youtube video of a droney piece of their's.

I picked this up at the Half-Price Books in Dallas for $3.00.

Download: I Want To Be Around


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  4. Hi, as a member of Thee Mark Chapman Experience, I thank you for the links; but one must point out that The Mark Chapman Experience on Booger Records is a different group completely! Thats why we use the prefix 'Thee', as opposed to just plain old 'The'!
    But i do like the 'I want to be around' track a lot.
    And grreat to see a link for Die or DIY? on here.

  5. Hi Nick, thanks for the correction! I'll be fixing this soon - one of the guys from "The" Mark Chapman Experience has also contacted me about the distinction between your two bands. Also, it turns out, I have "I Want To Be Around" on the wrong speed. Keep your eyes peeled for an update very soon! Thanks again - Matt

  6. The Mark Chapman Experience is a CLASSIC!

    But... there's a wrong speed...?

  7. Hi Scott, thanks for stopping by! I just had the record on the wrong speed the first time I recorded it to mp3 is all.

    Here's the updated post if you're interested:

    Although I think that link to the mp3 is probably down -- just let me know if you'd like me to repost it!