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cfit: Morning Bruise (2013)

The affablly Irish cfit (whose boss album Triage I featured back in December) are back at it with a follow-up EP, "Morning Bruise," which will be released September 2nd, through all major online outlets, and is also currently available for preorder via their bandcamp page. Pre-order is 4 euros, which is like 5 U.S. bucks and change, and if you pre-order you get the instant download of the lead track "Coke & Spiriters" (featured below), which is a very pretty song, and the good karma that comes with supporting quality art. So get you a taste here, then go to their bancamp page and pre-order! Coke & Spiriters by cfitFYI, the other three songs on "Morning Bruise" are just as enjoyable as "Coke & Spiriters." The track "Tenderfoot" has a Radiohead-esque quality. The six and a half minute "Spitefuck" builds up to a quick release of rockin' guitar that feels like the beginning of a Sonic Youth style guitar-noi…