Thursday, July 23, 2015

New tunes from CNQ fave bands y labels/distros.

This smattering of sound from CNQ faves goes back to the first of the month, and then we're caught up with bandcamp and label updates. Whew.

From French distro Crapoulet Records, Satan is punk rock from France:

From Australia's Lethal Dose Records, this is absolutely nuts:

New mellow and cool R&B single from TRAEDONYA! and Irish Soulflower:

Delaware label Jade Tree, band I think is also from Delaware, punk rock:

From Manx label Small Bear Records, the band, loyal Quieteers will know, is from Sweden. Totally cool alt-rock:

Also from Small Bear Records, new awesome from Postcode's Mikie Daugherty's solo project...instrumental guitar rock'n'roll:

CNQ's favorite Irish rockers Cfit are back with a new single. Great rock'n'roll:

From Berlin's Alien Snatch Records, the band is from Italy and the title of the album, "The Lame Shall Enter First," is from a Flannery O'Connor story. I haven't read anything by her in a while. Pretty cool garage punk:

These guys came to Denton a few weeks ago and I wanted to drive up but didn't. Should have:

PNKSLM's having a 50% off sale.

That catches us up with the new cool. I got some old 45s I want to share, as always. We'll see when I get around to it.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Let's Rock'n'Roll

I've been away for almost a month. This catches us up with some CNQ faves to around the first of July:

New German punk courtesy France's Crapoulet Records. The band's name translates as "Man Poops His Pants."

Also new via Crapoulet, this is from Croatia:

From Richmond VA and Grave Mistake Records:

Lo-fi pop from Japan:

More lo-fi, garagey pop, from Kentucky:

German label, Australian band:

From Small Bear Records, this is rad UK post-punk featuring members of a few different Small Bear Records bands, including The Bordellos and Postcode, longtime CNQ faves.

Rad nu-gaze from Italy. Cool video too:

HC Texas band from my backyard, German label:

California straightedge HC courtesy the Sorry State Records update

Randy Records and the band are from Chicago. Cool garage rock:

Germany's Tramp Records has put out another cool rare funk re-issue, this one from 1969: