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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Let's Rock'n'Roll

I've been away for almost a month. This catches us up with some CNQ faves to around the first of July:

New German punk courtesy France's Crapoulet Records. The band's name translates as "Man Poops His Pants."

Also new via Crapoulet, this is from Croatia:

From Richmond VA and Grave Mistake Records:

Lo-fi pop from Japan:

More lo-fi, garagey pop, from Kentucky:

German label, Australian band:

From Small Bear Records, this is rad UK post-punk featuring members of a few different Small Bear Records bands, including The Bordellos and Postcode, longtime CNQ faves.

Rad nu-gaze from Italy. Cool video too:

HC Texas band from my backyard, German label:

California straightedge HC courtesy the Sorry State Records update

Randy Records and the band are from Chicago. Cool garage rock:

Germany's Tramp Records has put out another cool rare funk re-issue, this one from 1969: