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Monday, June 22, 2015

More Wild Sound.

Last night I meant to do some catching up but got sidetracked with the interesting output of guitarist and songwriter Mark Palm. So here's what's new in my inbox from the bands and labels I follow on bandcamp:

Houston's Crime Wave I think is defunct but uploaded a few of their albums onto bandcamp today. I've got their Agro-Wax album Nazi Sex/Convulsion Gospels and it's rad. Here's an outtake from the recording session of that LP:

From London's La Vida Es Un Mus Discos, this is, according to the bandcamp page, the "official reissue of (a scarce) Dutch punk (record)...THE VULTURES hailed from Epe, in the middle of the Dutch Bible-Belt. They recorded this 4 Track EP in 1981...Reissued replicating the artwork as originally printed but adding a few unseen full colour pictures on the reverse sleeve."

They call it a "masterpiece of Dutch punk." Pretty cool. Who knew there was a Dutch Bible-Belt.

Tramp Records always puts out good re-issues. This was originally released on Philly's Toxsan Records, I think in the 70s:

From Virginia's Grave Mistake Records:

From France's Frantic City Records:

That's it for the updates from CNQ faves. Here's some new releases I like.

Leather Daddy is awesome hc from Boston:

Wild stuff from Costa Rica:

These hc rockers from Budapest are really into Tony Soprano, with four songs featuring him in the title.

Heavy sound from Italy - is it powergrind when you can't tell if it's powerviolence or grindcore?

The end of all reality sounds like 12 minutes and 3 seconds of Ontario's VOMIR. Impossibly the polar opposite of music, horrible noise, awesome:

Dynamite Hemorrhage's latest show is about an hour of always awesome rock'n'roll from Jay and the gang out there somewhere in the Northwest, I think. Love that podcast. Here's a crazy new song from Cincinnati that the 'Hemorrhage featured first in their most recent podcast, but ya know, it's a great song so here it is again:

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