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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Madd Blake and the Stalins, Miss Her Beer, and Mark Palm

Man I need to share a 45 to stay legit. Maybe next week. In the meantime, here's some new stuff.

Madd Blake and the Stalins are from Puerto Rico and play Cramps-inspired "primitive rock'n'roll," which I can dig for sure. Here's a live video from their first live gig, performed just last week. Bless this Internet!

CNQ's gunk-buddy jllull has a new rock'n'roll print zine called Miss Her Beer so go order it after you're done here. She's also been keeping a music blog called Punk Gunk that I've been unaware of until this evening, but glad I found out about it. The name, I think, is inspired by the Punk Gunk, Garage, Psych & Wild Shit facebook page, a group that, after's mishandling and demise, stuck around and kept cool.

Blogger's having problems with its blog list widget, by the way. I'm proud of the ridiculously long blog list I have that dates back three years, but keeps the most recently posted blogs at the top (featured at right on the web browser version of this page). Sometimes I think I might should clear out the ones that haven't posted in over a year but who knows, maybe Crud Crud will post again one day. Anyway, it won't let me add to it right now.

From Germany's Hardware Records, tape release of this '80s style hc punk solo project of guitarist and songwriter Mark Palm:

I've never heard of Mark Palm, but he's apparently a busy dude. Here's more hc from him, this from 2014:

Palm is also in this more poppy band Supercrush. This is from June of 2014:

...and in this SF-based shoegaze act, Modern Charms. This is from 2013:

He's in the totally metal Black Breath:

I think he got his start in this band Go It Alone:

And a sort of metal sounding project called Devotion followed that. This is from 2008:

Here's an interview with Palm talking about Night Prowler. And here's what I think is his bigcartel site, KRAM Records.

Finally, in the shameless self-promotion department, here's a new two song EP from my new band, Badger Carcass (stylized as BDGRKRKZ). We're calling it post-garbage because it's like, what comes after garbage.