Monday, April 25, 2016

CNQ Podcast #12

38 minutes or so of rock'n'roll.

Dope Body: “Old Grey” (2015)
Total Abuse: “Chew On The Cage” (2016)
Fratmouth: “Squirrell Well Robe” (2016)
Girlband: “You’re Tearing Me Apart” (2016)
Roomrunner: “Chrono Trigger” (2014)
Dan Deacon: “Wham City” (2007)
Bummer’s Eve: “No Weed, No Friends, No Life” (2016)
The Rentals: “Friends of P.” (1995)

Sunday, April 24, 2016


This went live last week but I forgot to post it anywhere but Facebook. Hey, follow CNQ on Facebook.

This is a short one, a little over 30 minutes. Episode 11 features Spanish bubblegum, Caribbean dance music, Puerto Rican punk, Japanese weirdo-rock, more punk from Phoenix and Amsterdam, and I round it out with a Lomax recorded chain gang song.

Formula V: “Jenny Artichoke” (1970)
Lord Shorty: “Endless Vibrations” (1974)
Byron Lee and the Dragonaires: “Jaws” (1977)
República Bananera: “Campo de Experimentación” (2015)
Boys Age: “Else” (2015)
Mooseknuckle Sandwhich: Fannypackin Wolf Shit (2016)
Wolf Luv: “Fighting For My Future” (2016)
Krankjoram: “Psycho Brain” (2016)
Mississippi State Penitentiary Chain Gang, Recorded by Alan Lomax: “Early In The Mornin’” (1947)
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After you get fed up with my amateur attempt as podcast jockey, go check out a pro -- the latest freeformfreakout podcast (#77) is rad. It also happens to features "Watch Out," off Dr. Nod's new Top Tips cassette! Which, in case you didn't know, is CNQ's first release, and you can purchase it here on the blog (see sidebar to the right on the web version), or the Dr. Nod bandcamp page.  

Saturday, April 16, 2016


Unrest: “Suki” (1992)
The Verve: “Make it Til Monday” (1993)
FishGuts: “I Don’t Think She Likes Me” (2016)
Mommy Long Legs: “Assholes” (2015)
Gar Gar: “King Cake Baby” (2016)
Thin Skin: “Miami” (2015)
Doctor Nod: “Shaky Parts” (2016)
Threat/Meet/Protocol: “Pink Clouds” (2016)
Vukovar: “Part 2: Ms. Kuroda’s Lament (The Sailor)” (2016)
The Bordellos: “The Abba Lovers” (2016)
Reptilians From Andromeda: “Psychic Girl” (2016)
Buck Biloxi and the Fucks: “Never Enough” (2015)
Ben Collier: “Come Aboard” (2016)
Joseph Tonelli: “My Situation” (2016)
Monkberries: “How Do You Love” (2015)

Woody Guthrie, Cisco Houston, and Sonny Terry: “Keep My Skillet Good and Greasy” (1944)

Friday, April 1, 2016

CNQ Podcast #9

Don't forget, Doctor Nod's "Top Tips" 15 song cassette is now on sale...see the sidebar for how to order.

Doctor Nod: “Drugs” (2016)
Madd Blake y Los Stalins: “Yo Quiero Ser Una Rata” (2016)
Stickers: “Egg” (2015)
Mooseknuckle Sandwich: “Shitty Stinky Farts” (2016)
Violence: “We Want Anarchy” (2016)
Jackie Edwards: “Back Street Girl” (1968)
Dan Mason: “Waiting For You” (2016)
Silver Dollars: “So What If It’s Over” (2016)
Scrambled Channels: “Intro To [Spacebar]” (2013)
Pierre Bachelet: “Emmanuelle” (1974)
Pale Kids: “St. Gerard” (2016)  
The Grifters: “Under The Ground” (1993)
Ruth Wallis: “Do It Yourself Kit” (1952)
Crocodiles: “U Sexy Thing” (2015)

Music from Mathematics Played by IBM 7090 Computer (arranged by Dr. MV Matthews): “Bicycle Built For Two” (1962)