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New From Bandcamp - Punk: Hardcore, Powerviolence, Garage, Weirdo

Per their Bandcamp page, The Puking Toms formed in Franklin, Massachusetts in 1997, released 2 demo cassettes, and played a lot of shows in different places. This is their first recording, from 1997: Demo 1997 by The Puking TomsThis is new from Abnormal Broadcasting, out of California. The band is called P.E.A.R.L. and their new 4 song demo is the type of raw hc I'm really into. Their Bandcamp page says "This is for the queers who have had enough of that trans misogynist bullshit. No one deserves to be left out. Fight back till you die." Which I think is cool but tbh I dunno what "trans misogynist bullshit" is. I'm gonna assume it's something non-inclusive and that I would be against it. Here's the first song off the EP, they've got cassettes available on the page: Demo by P.E.A.R.L.Six song album "Joy of Life" from Polish powerviolence band Low Standards. Heavy as the af, I'm into it: Joy Of Life by Low StandardsAnd here&…


45 minute rock'n'roll show.

Robert Pollard: “Maggie Turns To Flies” (Not In My Airforce, Matador, 1996) Turnstyle: “Spray Water On The Stereo” (Turnstyle Country, Spunk, 1999) Lenola: “Lazy Eye” (Treat Me To Some Life, File 13 Records, 2001) Wildspeaker: “Desecration Plague” (Guilt and His Reflection, Broken Limb Recordings, 2016) Cara Neir: “Ego Eats Man” (Guilt and His Reflection, Broken Limb Recordings, 2016) Scrambled Channels: “Omega Shot, Shield God” (Kirk Unit, 2014) Violence Creeps: “Windowshopper” (The Gift of Music, Total Punk 2016) Sunk: “Defeat” (S/T, Abnormal Broadcasting, 2016) Ausmuteants: “Silent Genes” (Band of the Future, 2016) Os Replicantes: “Nicotina” (


Pale Kids: “One Thing At A Time” (MOLAR/Pale Kids Split; Everything Sucks Records, 2016) Invisibl Skratch Piklz: “Reverse Cowgirl” (The 13th Floor; Alpha Pup Records, 2016) Single Mothers: “Idiomatic” (Meltdown EP; 2016) Police Control: “Raté” (0; 2016) Jesus Chris + The Beetles: “Sheet Rock” (Love Songs from the Slime World; 2016) The Bordellos: “Free Download Generation” (Gary Glitter EP; Small
Bear Records, 2016) Thin Skin: “Mr. C” (EP; 2015) Low Anxiety: “Borderline” (Get Off My Radar; 2016) Michael Nesmith & The First National Band: “Grand Ennui” (Nevada Fighter