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OSR Tapes

I only recently learned about OSR Tapes, a New York based non-profit label that's been putting out cool lo-fi, avant garde type of rock'n'roll since 2007, and no sooner had I learned about them than I learned they were closing. You can currently get the OSR digital catalog on bandcamp for $25 -- or order cassettes and albums from their webpage They're shipping through June 17 and then that's it, so check em out while they're still around. Here's a sampling of the catalog, go over to the OSR bandcamp page and delve deeper. Something Better [LP, OSR77] by Hartley C. WhiteViolence Etcetera [OSR71] by Christina SchneiderFree [OSR58] by Jo Miller-GambleForgotten Device [OSR30] by Al MarantzGetting Mystic [OSR66] by Listening Woman

CNQ27: One Year Anniversary Show

An hour and 18 minute show! Rock'n'roll and more:
Gil Scott-Heron: “Storm Music” (Reflections, Arista Records, 1981) Doctor Nod: “I’m the Creator” (I Know It’s True, 2017) Last Remaining Pinnacle: “To Dream” (To Dream/What’s Your Sign, Custom Made Music, 2017) Al Marantz : “Lipsmacker Kisses” (Forgotten Devices, OSR Tapes, 2015) Merit Badge: “Numbers” (Numbers/Waves, 2016) Adam Holtz: “Good Rockin’ Music” (Volume 22, copyright Adam Holtz, 2017) Jim Shorts: “Omega Undone” (Eternal, 2016) Damien Youth: “Crying Room” (The Man Who Invented God, 1991) Paris Obscur: “Ne M’Oubli

What I Listened To Today

This is the first track off a new digital album called "Work Ethic" by Respect the God, out of Brooklyn, put out on Creative Juices Music. 16 tracks of more or less solid hip-hop, with a few skits. Shake It Up is a rad single: Work Ethic by Respect Tha GodThis is the lead track off Damien Youth's 2011 10 song album The Citizen, also available on bandcamp as a digital album. Lo-fi freak-folk from New Orleans. Damien Youth's been at this a while, check out his catalog on bandcamp if you dig this: The Citizen (2011) by Damien YouthNew from the UK, "Twitch" by James Kruman is an interesting album in the same lo-fi/bedroom psych/freak-folk vein as Damien Youth. Put out back in December, "Twitch" is a 10 song album you can buy digital or on CD: Twitch by James KrumanUsually I don't go in for anything that sounds like Social Distortion, but I wound up listening to all 8 songs on "Verne" today, by New Zealand's Liberated Squid, and …

New HC from Bandcamp

Posting more on the blog wasn't one of my 2016 resolutions, but I should do more of it anyway. This 3 song EP from a Parma, Italy hc garage punk band was originally put out on 7" back in April of '16. It sold out and now they've got a re-release available. DD OWEN & SHITTY LIFE (2016) by Shitty LIfeThis 2 song EP from Shitty Life is due out on 7" from Euro Trash Records in March 2017: Euro Trash Records 7" by Shitty LIfeFrom a 2 song sludgecrust effort, Black Aspirin are from Prague: Split Tape with Lack of Sun by BLACK ASPIRIN Podcast coming up later this month will feature some obscure vinyl as well as more recent material from the recently defunct OSR Tapes label.