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Some Thoughts & Some New Tunes.

I used to do these posts where I'd go through my Bandcamp email updates from the bands and artists I follow and post the best new stuff, then go into the New Arrivals/Punk section on Bandcamp and find cool stuff I'm not following already, and follow and share that, too. It got out of hand fast, creating way too many Bandcamp updates for me to go through every week. Case in point: after going through 10 or so Bandcamp updates from just yesterday, there's still 12 more Bandcamp updates, plus four label newsletters. It's too much for me to go through and still think this blog is a fun hobby. Still, any time someone contacts me directly with music they'd like me to share, I'll be sure to listen. If it's a promo mass e-mail, it's 50/50 whether or not I'll listen. Label newsletters I should pay more attention to than I do. Anyway. If a band or an artist contacts me directly, I always listen, and if I like it, I'll share it on the blog or on the…


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Doctor Nod: “DYWTBIMF?” (DYWTBIMF? b/w My TV Set, 2018) The Psychotic Monks: “It’s Gone” (Silence Slowly and Madly Shines, Custom Made Music, 2017) The Morelings: “We Were” (Same Century, Custom Made Music, 2017) Billy Hutch His Harmonica and Orchestra: “Eefin-Nanny Monkey”
(Eefin-Nanny Down Home, Time Records, 1960) Huey Smith and His Clowns: “Pop-Eye” (Pop-Eye/Scald-Dog 7”, Ace Records, 1961) Bobby Sherman: “La La La (If I Had You)” (Bobby Bobby Bobby,
Metromedia Special Products, 1971, originally released 1969) The Great Dismal Swamis: “Box Wine Bitches” (Phantom Tollbooth 7”, RZO Records, 2014) T. Rex: “Raw Ramp” (Bang A Gong (Get It On)/Raw Ramp 7”, Reprise Records, 1971)<