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Monday, June 25, 2012

Doomtown Records Sampler (2010-2011)

First, here's a thought-provoking post from my personal favorite music blog, Crud Crud. Scott's blog was one of the first music blogs I ever came across and I'm 100% bummed he's going on hiatus. 50% of that major bummer is because I've been following Crud Crud for years; it is a direct inspiration for Clean, Nice, Quiet. The other half of my bummer is the questions raised by Scott's post regarding the ethics of sharing music without artist or owner consent. Apparently it's a thing to think about due to an NPR segment and a viral response to sed segment from the dude from Cracker.

In regard to my personal collection, I decide on whether or not I'll pay for something based on how much dancing the artist does upon the public's collective paycheck. If I'm downloading free music from P. Diddy, or Shakira, or Mark Knopfler, I'm not going to stay up at night thinking about it. I don't like to curse on CNQ, but seriously: fuck them.

I think a good rule of thumb for anybody is, if the artist you want to download for free makes two or more times a wheelbarrow full of money more than you do, then don't worry about it. If the artist makes as much or less than you do, then throw 'em some cash. If you don't make any money at all, then I think you already know what to do.

As for the music shared here on CNQ, I'll continue to post music that I can't find elsewhere on the Internet, because it's fun and educational for me and you, and good exposure for the artist. (Hey, I'm getting 50 hits a day!) I'll only post a song or two and of course I'll take down anything an artist or owner doesn't want up. I'll also post tunes an artist or label has given me permission to post.

Speaking of which, the friendly folks at Teenage Lobotomy have given permission to share whatever I like from their record label, Doomtown Records. The four albums available on Doomtown's bandcamp site are all righteous Euro-punk sounds. Below is a sampler -- Invest in the sound, when your paycheck permits. I think I'll order the Lets Grow/Jaibo! split 12" next time I get paid.