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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Rock-afire Explosion: "Do You Love Me (Featuring Beach Bear)" 1981

This is the first Rock-afire Explosion 7", and presented is the superior B Side, "Do You Love Me (Feat. Beach Bear)." We'd watched a cool documentary about the Rock-afire Explosion on streaming Netflix some months ago, and it was still relatively fresh in my mind when I picked up this novelty gem at I think the Half-Price in Bedford (coulda been Irving. Or Garland.) for a dollar. I almost didn't get it but I'm very glad I did. On "Do You Love Me," Beach Bear wails with the intensity of any punk rock vocalista, and judging by his picture on the 7" sleeve, he clearly wants to use your soul as a surf board.

Download: Do You Love Me (Feat. Beach Bear)