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Friday, July 13, 2012

Clara Engel: "Lick My Fins" (2009)

Clara Engel is a Toronto-based singer/songwriter whose haunting avant-folk will turn on fans of Will Oldham, Patti Smith, Nick Cave, PJ Harvey, Diamanda Galas, Tom Waits, Vic Chesnutt, and Man Man.

Clara's a busy woman: the UK's Vox Humana released her first vinyl EP, Madagascar, last year. Italy's Backwards Music has just released a full-length LP of her's called Tender.

She's currently working on a new album, which Montreal's Talking Skull will be releasing sometime before 2013. She's using crowdfunding to get it done, which is a cool idea.

She has a new EP called "The Lovebird's Throat," coming out on Bandcamp on July 17th. Keep your ears peeled for that! Here's a cool interview with Clara from 2011 where you can also see some of her artwork.

This is pro work and I'm super-stoked to get to feature it on Clean, Nice, Quiet!

And here's a Youtube video of Clara performing live: