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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Meanwhile: CNQ Bandcamp New Rock Mixtape Volume !

Everything in life should be 38 seconds long and loud:

IMO, a three minute song is just like, why are you keeping me for that extra thirty seconds? Regardless, I like the garage sound of this uptempo ditty from Mebourne, Australia:

From Edmonton, California, I read a review of Mahria that called it emo. Which to me, has negative connotations. But I don't mind this song:

I appreciate a kdb aesthetic, with a garage recording feel, an awesome hook, and a short and sweet approach to song length. Guitar noodling doesn't do it for me, and I like it when I get to fist pump.

This is closer to it:

These two songs are pretty much what I'm talking about:

Awesome Swedish crustpunk:

Finally, some bitchin' metal: