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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Funky Drummer, Agent 86, and Franz Nicolay (2012 & 1982)

Funky Drummer is from Germany, I think. has this to say about Funky Drummer:

"Solid downtempo/instrumental hip-hop release by Funky Drummer. Very smooth and well produced tracks with lots of melody and change-ups...definitely worth checking out!"

I wound up listening to a few tracks and agree with the above. Here's the happy sounding opening track:

Check out what appears to be the distro for Funky Drummer, Free Crates, after you're done here.

Cool: The Inmates Are Running the Asylum: Best of KBD Punk 1978-1988.

This Agent 86 song is from that KBD comp. According to their myspace page, Agent 86 "is one of the oldest consistently gigging punk bands to still write and record new, original material." Pretty cool:

Here's a neat collection of cover tunes from Southampton, UK's Cats? Aye! Records. Why does Southampton only have one h in the middle? Franz Nicolay is a cool cat I'd never heard of, turns out he was in The Hold Steady for a while. Rainbow Connection always makes me tear up: