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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Heritage Centre: "Alright, Check It Out" (2012)

Heritage Centre are five young gentlemen from Dublin, Ireland whose latest album, put out this past September, is called "Alright, Check It Out," and is perfectly enjoyable rock'n'roll with a polished, bright, rock/pop sound.

Both "The Boss" and "Oldest Friend" are free to download. The track "The Pros and Cons of Cowardice" reminded me of a cross between late 90s/early 2000s Guided By Voices and a track off the Bends, and as such, I enjoyed it particularly. Hence, I included it below.

The rocking is measured and controlled throughout the album, with a focus more on melody than noise. Still, Heritage Centre does manage to cut loose on the final song, "Stars," also featured here.

They have a nice looking vinyl copy of the album for sale on their bandcamp page. I like that big groovy font on the cover.

Heritage Centre at Bandcamp

Heritage Centre at Soundcloud