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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tuesday Nite Bandcamp Punk Rock Sampler!

This has a cool classic heavy metal feel to it. Off of Negative Fun Records, which also put out the Red Hex song in my last post.

A song name that's also the name of the band? And it's under 2 minutes long? Count me in:

Speaking of which:

I will forgive a song for being over 2-1/2 minutes if it has awesome "WHOA-OH-OH-OHs" peppered throughout.

I don't understand this trend of spelling "The" as "Thee" in your band name. Nevertheless, this is hep -- garage rock from London:

This one is short, but not fast enough to be my usual cup of tea, and I was going to pass on it, but the ending made me give it a second listen. After that second listen, I decided to share it. I enjoy the ending.

I like stuff you don't have to think about:

Finally, check out this awesome sound from Italy:

I've got some old and new 45s coming up - a lot of country, 50s pop, and rockabilly I scored off my dad, and some 80s/90s punk obscurities I've been picking up from Half-Priced Books. Happy New Year, human!