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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Yawn Tapes (2013)

Ben Levinson and Andrew Young, based out of the California Institute of the Arts in Valencia, California, are responsible for Yawn Tapes. They dub sound onto blank cassettes from their own digital recordings. Per Ben, they chose cassette tapes as their medium because tapes are

"the cheapest form of a physical release for music and we like the aesthetic of a cassette. It's more fun and less pointless than a cd (because free downloads are available). We don't mind that most people don't have cassette players because we aren't too worried about garnering a mass audience. One of our main interests is extremely limited editions of our cassettes. We've discussed releasing singular cassettes of improvised music recorded directly to that cassette, never to be heard elsewhere."

Rad! Check out Man and the Smells' "The More You Know":

Ben describes Man and the Smells as a meeting of James Brown and the Descendents. To hear what he means, check out:

Their other release is Andrew Young's Analog Modulations, an hour long "collection of analog modulations, sine tones, field recordings, and 2 instrumental samples. assembled sometime in february 2013, mixed and mastered over a few days in march 2013." Noise aficionados will appreciate, so check out the link.