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Friday, May 3, 2013

We Are The West

We Are The West are a Los Angeles-based duo that play really pretty, laid back acoustic folk jams. They just released their second recording, EP II.

Here's what WATW's website has to say about them:

"We Are The West uses sound and space to create an experience that is welcoming and honest. The Los Angeles-based duo has recorded in storm drains and shipping containers, performed on sheep farms and in abandoned convents, and now hosts a concert series in the underground parking garage of an office building in Santa Monica the Saturday night before each full moon. This spring they release the second in a four-part album of recordings, this installment handcrafted with love and care in a barn in Western New York during the summer months. Next month they release the second in a four part album of recordings."

The wife and I recently went to see James McCartney (Sir Paul's son), who is doing a tour with just himself and whom we assume is his man-servant. McCartney played folk guitar and piano ballads and, while technically proficient, his songs really lacked melody and, just as important, conviction -- most of them featuring vague lyrics about butterflies, rainbows, or butterflies and rainbows. We felt it was particularly bad, but others in the crowd seemed into it.

The three tracks on We Are The West's EP II, while operating in the same folk mileu, are the exact opposite of what Son-of-Paul was doing the other night. The sound is melodic, wide open, and haunting, and the singer has a sincere, distinctive voice. While McCartney may have been sincere (although at one point he freely admitted his songs weren't really about anything), the only thing distinctive about his voice was that it was often pitchy.

I don't mean to rant about James McCartney, we just really didn't care for it. We Are The West, on the other hand, is cool stuff, so give it a listen!