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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

New Adam Holtz!

As promised, here's some new tracks from Adam's Volume 17 of his copyrighted recordings, bringing up the total to 399 songs under copyright. What a catalog! Volume 17 is 22 songs and features Adam's signature classic rock guitar stylings, his uneering knack for melody, and his from-the-heart lyrics. Whether he's singing a ballad, a rocker, or something a little in between, Adam's style always comes across warm, honest, and pleasing to the ear.

Adam was also nice enough to supply me with a new pic of himself, so I don't have to keep using this one from 30 years ago, which I sincerely love. I wish I had a pair of those britches.

As always, you can contact Adam Holtz via snail mail at:

1616 Abbey Loop
Foley, Alabama 36535

I had to switch from the old html code I was using to embed tracks to this fancy HTML5 stuffs, which is neat because you can right click on the play box and download the mp3. No more having to do two separate links! Is this new technology or am I a backwards idiot? (I'm aware the two are not mutually exclusive). Unfortunately that means all my old shockwave embeds are dead...if you want anything reposted, just ask!

Here's a few of my fave tracks from Adam's Volume 17:

Just To Get Through

Just Look I'm Gone

I Still Love You So

From The Start

And now for something completely different dept.: my next post will feature some choice selection from these two Booger Records punk/noise/weirdo compilations. It's some wild art brut stuff so if you're into that type of thing you're really gonna dig the selections. Stay tuned!