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Monday, November 4, 2013

Fun Fun Fun Fest Saturday Doin's Part One

Saturday Noon to 2:30 is all I could cover tonight.


At 11:55, the LNS (Leaders of the New School) Crew from Austin kicks things off on the Blue Stage. I featured one of the members of the LNS Crew, Kydd, on a CNQ post back in December of '12.

Venemous Maximous, heavy metal from Houston, opens up the Black Stage at noon:

Also at noon, on the Orange Stage, is Frank Smith from Austin, which is a band, not a dude:

If we sleep in and miss the first round on Saturday I wouldn't be terribly upset.


At 12:45 on the Blue Stage is the ambient minimalist melodies of Austin's Roger Sellers.

At 12:50 on the Orange Stage is another Austin band, Ola Podrida. This song is cool:

12 year old heavy metal kids from Brooklyn Unlocking the Truth are gonna be on the Black Stage at 12:50:

Unlocking the Truth is a must-see, I feel.


Big Black Delta is on the Blue Stage at 1:35. Dig that synth!

California's Retox, featuring members of The Locust, are on the Black Stage at 1:40 -- should be pretty awesome. I couldn't find any embeds I could use so check out Retox here. It's righteous hardcore.

LA's Bleached is on the Orange Stage at 1:40:

The 1:30 round is a toss-up, all those songs sound pretty cool.


The Underachievers from Flatbush are on the Blue Stage at 2:25. I like this song:

Vancouver's White Lung is on the Black Stage at 2:30. We got a chance to see them not too long ago and they just rule the school. Their latest, "Sorry," is a great album. Mish Way, the lead singer, writes articles for Vice and Noisey and stuff. White Lung is my punk rock girlfriend who hates me. WHY WON'T YOU LOVE ME WHITE LUNG!!?!

Merchandise will be on the Orange Stage at 2:40. This song really gets on my nerves:

Naturally, we're gonna see White Lung.

Next up: Saturday into the evening!