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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Fun Fun Fun Fest: Saturday Part Deux!


3:15 on the Blue Stage is the Flatbush Zombies from Brooklyn. This is pretty good but I'm starting to bristle at a song that begins "Unhh...yeah." C'mon, man.

Melt Banana is apparently a legendary noise band from Toyko that I've never heard of. Now that I have heard it, it seems like a must-see. They'll take the Black Stage at 3:20 on Saturday:

She-median Jenny Slate is going to be on the Yellow Stage at 3:35. The wife wants to see her.

At 3:40 on the Orange Stage is Thurston Moore's Chelsea Light Moving.

As each day of the concert moves forward, I'm bummed about scheduling conflicts between stages. Never having seen Sonic Youth, I'd like to see Thurston Moore's new project. Never having heard of Melt Banana, which has been playing almost as long as Sonic Youth apparently, I'd really like to see them too. Oh, the agony.

So hopefully I can catch a little Melt Banana and a little Chelsea Light Moving and my lovely wife can watch Jenny Slate.


The Chromatics, synth-wave from Portland's Johnny Jewel, are on the Blue Stage at 4:15. I like synth and I like wave:

Pelican, instrumental post-metal from Chicago, is on the Black Stage at 4:20. My buddies like these guys but snooze snooze snooze fest, IMO:

Geographer, electro-pop rock from San Francisco, is on the Orange Stage at 4:45. This song is okay:

At 4:35 on the Orange Stage is Craig Robinson, who played Darryl on The Office and was also excellent in one of my favorite movies of all time, "Hot Tub Time Machine."

I'll catch whoever up until 4:35 and then I'm excited to see Craig Robinson.


5:15 on the Blue Stage is Glass Candy, another Johnny Jewel joint, apparently.

At 5:20 on the Black Stage, the Subhumans will be performing the entire From the Cradle to the Grave album:

At 5:20 on the Yellow Stage is Tenacious D.

At 5:50 on the Orange Stage is Televison. I think I'll watch the D then mosey over to Television. I'll be the asshole that constantly shouts "PLAY MARQUEE MOON!"


At 6:20 on the Blue Stage is Tycho, synth from SF:

At 6:25 is Body Count, and I am excited about this almost as much as Slayer on Sunday evening. At Lollapolooza '92 I saw Ice Cube along with members of Soundgarden, Pearl Jam and Flea from the Chili Peppers cover "Cop Killer," and, it was awesome. I saw Ice-T himself around the turn of the century and it was super cool too.

At 6:30 on the Yellow Stage is Quasi, which, ya know, if Body Count wasn't playing opposite them, I'd go see just to say I saw 'em.


At 7P on the Orange Stage is Deerhunter, and at 7:30 on the Black Stage is Judge, on the Blue Stage is Simian Mobile Disco, and on the Yellow Stage is Sparks. Judge is "militant straight edge" so, and I don't like to be negative on CNQ, but seriously, that's really stupid, and Simian Mobile Disco just doesn't sound like anything I'm into. I'll catch Deerhunter for 30 minutes then go see Sparks, who I've only recently discovered, independent of knowing they'd be at FunX3 fest:

The headliners for Saturday evening are M.I.A. on the Orange Stage at 8:30, and at 8:45 is Ice-T on the Blue Stage and the Descendents on the Black Stage. I'd like to see Ice-T again but since I'll already catch him with Body Count and the wife wants to see M.I.A., I assume we'll see M.I.A. Which is cool with me.

Next up: Sunday.