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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Cfit Remix and Some Other Fun Stuff

Despite having too many 45s in my Clean, Nice, Quiet queue already, no doubt enough to share until the End of the Internet, today I picked up a few more gems at Half-Priced Books. They are having a 20% off sale. So, while I go thru these, clean them up and give them a first listen...

Stream and download Cfit's Xmas treat - their song "Coke and Spiriters," as remixed by Viva Idiota, which is the new project of David Cantan, the dude from Dying Seconds.

I put back a couple of 45s at the store today because I searched for them on my phone and they were readily available for listen. Here's one that stood out - Battery Acid, featuring members of Mary's Danish:

Per that Mary's Danish wiki entry above, both lead singers of Mary's Danish sang back up on the Red Hot Chili Pepper's Mother's Milk, and one of the guitarists was in The Three O'Clock. The Three O'Clock's lead singer and bassist, according to the Three O'Clock wiki entry, coined the term "Paisley Underground."

There was a couple of 5 Royales 45s I picked up because I'd never heard of them, then after checking my mobile I saw they were readily available to listen to on der Internetzen, so I put them back. Just now I was looking for which Youtube vidja of theirs to share, and saw fellow music blogger Derek's Daily 45 just did a 5 Royales post on the 27th! Cool synchronicity. Check out Derek's Daily 45 post featuring the 5 Royales when you're done here!

Finally, the Clean, Nice, Quiet wife is watching Valley Girl. It has a cool soundtrack which includes this rad Sparks song, "Angst In My Pants." I've only very recently discovered Sparks and think they're neat: