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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Crapoulet Records Sampler + An International Feel for New Arrivals from Bandcamp

First up, here's a little sampling of new stuff from France's Crapoulet Records, whom I admire:

Sun Sick is from France, like the Coneheads. Really cool stuff:

Go ahead and check out this song from their June 2013 release because it's hyper-cool, as the French teens from 1994 might say:

I can't get enough of Sweden's Impo and the Tents:

I think these guys may be from Argentina:

Crapoulet has lots of cool international punk sounds, check 'em out when you're done here.

Continuing the international feel, these guys are from Barcelona:

As are these guys:

And these rockers:

...and so are these cats. Per la independencia dels Paisos Catalans!:

From Magdeburg, Germany:

From Toronto:

I love this, from Malaysia:

Back in Richmon, VA, some HC action is apparently going down:

And from Sacramento: