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Monday, March 24, 2014

New Instrumental Post-Rock from Nanaki and CARBs

Isle of Man rockers Postcode were featured in a recent CNQ post. Postcode guitarist Mikie Daugherty also has an instrumental post-rock project called Nanaki, and released an EP under that moniker called Afterlight on bandcamp this past January. The mp3s on bandcamp are pay what thou wilt; on the bandcamp site you can also order a limited edition handmade and stenciled CDR, featuring inserts, a cover by Leeds-based artist Grace Turner, and 6 tracks not featured on the download-only release.

Daughterty knows what he's doing here. Give "Afterlife" a listen for sure. Here's the first song off the EP:

Speaking of righteous instrumental post-rock, here's my buddy Chris Wilson's bedroom project CARBs with a meditative new track: