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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Blood Fest in Dallas (April 4th and 5th)

To celebrate the re-opening of Dallas' Red Blood Club in Deep Ellum, the hc punks are playing there this Friday and Saturday (4/4 and 4/5). Doors open Friday at 7, 17 and up, $10 cover, and they advertise cheap drinks, so you know. All descriptions are cribbed from the tags on the bands' Bandcamp pages:

Straight edgers Modern Pain open at 8:30:

Releaser is at 10. You wanna know what's good? Releaser:

Sin Motivo is pretty rad, they come on at midnight:

On Saturday, Night Crimes starts the night off at 7:15:

Mean and Ugly, power violence from Denton, plays at 7:45:

Anarcho-grindcore artistes Pissed Grave get on stage round 8:30:

Garage metalists The Swingin' Dicks at 9:15:

Crusty death metal from Steel Bearing Hand at 10:

Sludgey doom/doomy sludge from Denton's Terminator 2 at 10:45. Which is an awesome band name, btdubs:

Black metal at ll:15, courtesy Peasant from Houston:

Finally, at midnight on Saturday, Tolar is scheduled. I couldn't find Tolar on Bandcamp or Soundcloud, but if this is the same Tolar, they're from Burleson and have a myspace page. The two songs they have on their myspace are righteous, click that link.