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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Jerry Abbott: "I Want A Little Cowboy" (1978)

I bought this at the Half-Price Books flagship this past weekend, because I thought the title was kitschy. This was put out on Churchill Records Ltd., 2600 River Road, Des Plaines , Illinois. Copyright 1978, written by Abbott/Jackson - BMI. I'm not sure who Jackson is, but Jerry Abbott, assuming the guy on this record is the same Jerry Abbott, is the father of Dimebag Darrell and Vinnie Paul, from Pantera. They're from Pantego, and their name is Pantera. Weird.

I can't find this 45 on the Internet, after, you know, a little bit of research. So, for historical preservation and educational purposes, here's both tracks, which are awesome, btw:

I Want A Little Cowboy"

When It Comes To Cowgirls (I Just Can't Say No)

Here's another Jerry Abbott tune from '81, courtesy Youtube:

When I was 16, Vulgar Display of Power changed my life: