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Friday, June 20, 2014

Ted Taylor: "I'm Glad You're Home" (Ronn Records, 1970)

I picked up this Ted Taylor 45, "It's A Funky Situation" b/w "I'm Glad You're Home," for 49 cents at the Half-Priced Books at Preston Village in Dallas. "It's A Funky Situation" was a single from "Taylor Made," and I am completely in love with the whole album. It's on Google Play, so it's probably also on Spotify. I highly recommend it. Here's Ted Taylor's Wikipedia entry, here's a little info on Ronn Records outta Shreveport courtesy Discogs, and, here's a more lengthy history of the label. Super-cool.

For educational purposes, here's "I'm Glad You're Home," which isn't on "Taylor Made," and, I believe, has yet to appear on our Internet until now. It does appear on a best of Taylor called "Ever Wonderful Vol. 2."

After you listen to this, go listen to "Taylor Made."