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Monday, July 28, 2014

Dot Dash: "(Here's to) The Ghosts of The Past" (2013)

Last night I posted a piece about an article written by this cat Kurt Schlichter, henceforth referred to as Schitlicher. Schitlicher is a failed comedian, self-proclaimed successful lawyer, and unequivocally a mouthpiece for Republican Christian fundamentalist millionaires.

I got into a "debate" with Schitlicher and some of his followers on twitter last night and this morning, and it was kind of fun -- not so much fun arguing with Schitlicher, who is just an actor paid by Stuart Epperson to spout nonsense. Said nonsense only serves to distract the gullible away from a real problem. As it happens, Epperson, the millionaire capitalist/politician/hate-filled old white man who employs Schitlicher, is the very essence of said real problem. Go figure.

Once I realized Schitlicher was not really a person, but a persona that a sad man is paid to play, I stopped tweeting with him and instead tried to have a rational discussion with some of his twitter followers who had engaged with me.

I think, in the end, it was productive. It's so easy to read and watch and listen to only things that you agree with, and ignore everything else. And since the natural tendency of humans is to group up with like-minded individuals, then the little reality bubble you create for yourself can become near un-poppable. I'm not just talking about these self-proclaimed conservatives I was tweeting with. It can happen to us all. So that's why I think my post, and the twitter debates which followed, were overall productive exercises - I got out of my bubble a bit, a few of Schitlicher's twitter followers got out of their bubble for a bit, and I think that's good.

But seriously, Schitlicter, you are a fine actor, and would've made an adequate propaganda writer in Nazi Germany. I almost really believe that you believe the hateful rhetoric you spew. It would be entertaining if it weren't for the fact it makes gullible people who fall for your schtick think it's okay to behave like you do (like a lout). But I understand you gotta get paid, man. Too bad your paycheck comes at the expense of civilized discourse and human decency.

I think that's enough politics from me, but if you are interested in separating big business from politics, and putting an end to crony capitalism in the U.S., I encourage liberal and conservative alike to check out Cenk Uygur's Wolf PAC. And while I've only just heard of him today, Democrat and candidate for California Secretary of State Derek Cressman appears to be a friend of the people as well.

Here's a song from Washington D.C.'s Dot Dash, released August of last year. I featured another song from this album in a post last February, but the band bears repeating. You can download this song for free at their bandcamp site: