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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Anklepants, Sorry State Records, todayshits

CNQ's favorite penis-facemask wearing electro-provocateur Anklepants is about to embark on a tour of Australia and Asia, and plans on getting to the States in 2015. That's cool, I hope he makes it to Texas.

A 12" EP is available for order on his bandcamp page, and at this writing there's one 10" record left of Amilia-facé-é-on, featuring Why Don't The Cool Kids Like Me. Check out all of his vinyl output here.

Courtesy Sorry State Records, here's some hc out of Chapel Hill. The Wriggle demo was released in July but I forgot to mention it the last time I featured some stuff from Sorry State:

Also from Sorry State and North Carolina, Skemäta's new album is due out in September. They're touring this month as well.

Skemäta tour dates:

August 7th - Asheville, NC

August 8th - Pittsburgh, PA

August 9th - Columbus, OH

August 10th - Bloomington, IN

August 11th - Indianapolis, IN

August 12th - Chicago, IL

August 13th - Kansas City, MO

August 14th - St. Louis, MO

August 15th - Atlanta, GA

August 16th - Nashville, TN

OFF! is touring with Sorry State's Gay Kiss, whom I featured in a post exactly one month ago today, and they're gonna be in my neck of the woods next week. Check 'em out in Texas:

Aug. 6 – El Paso, Texas @ Lowbrow Palace

Aug. 8 – San Antonio, Texas @ The Korova w/ The DWARVES

Aug. 9 – Austin, Texas @ The Mohawk w/ The DWARVES

The Sorry State e-mail updates are awesome. Here's a quick sampling of some of the stuff those guys recommend in their latest update:

Finally, here's the new todayshits: