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Monday, August 18, 2014

New Punk Rock

Iron Leg Blog put out a great podcast yesterday. An hour and thirty minutes of groovy b-sides and obscure rock, I think mostly from the 60s, plus a big chunk of Byrds which I loved. Best Table In Hell put out a new one yesterday too and it's rad, all East Coast punk, I think mostly from the 80s. Ohhhh, and Dan Carlin has a new Hardcore History out, this one his 4th installment on World War I. I've only just started that one so don't spoil it for me.

Negative Fun has some real deal stuff going on with their Singles Club subscription thing, the Hoax Hunters' awesome new single, and a new split from Ghostt Blonde and The Pilgrims. What's the deal with spelling your band name with an extra letter? Or two V's instead of a W? Or "Thee" instead of "The?" Here's the Hoax Hunters song, which if you're cooler than me you've already heard, an older Ghostt Blonde song, and a Bad Daddies song (the first thing to be released on Negative Fun's Singles Club 2014). The Bad Daddies song is the best of the three, IMO, even tho the other two are super-rad themselves:

These two I heard via Costa Mesa CA's Mass Media Records mail list. Chicago-based gothy peace-punkers Cemetery only have 13 out of 100 left of their gold 12" called "Collection."

From Italy, this is new and available on vinyl:

The Netherlands' Shield Records has new releases coming out in the Fall:

Here's fun pop-punk from Montreal:

Finally, I saw this featured on Bandcamp's front page just now and figured I'd share it, because I am against fascism: