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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Sleater-Kinney, Neil Diamond, Iceage, Buck Biloxi and the Fucks, Terrorizer, and More

Not-so-humble brag dept: Rockin' it to that new Sleater-Kinney box set. Each record is a different colored vinyl, the whole thing looks and sounds great. They're sold out of the colored vinyl (it was limited to 3,000 copies), but they're going to press some black vinyl that will be ready in December, per the Sub Pop webstore. Check out this treasure I found on Youtube:

Listened to the new Neil Diamond "Melody Road" today on google play, his first on Capitol Records. I dig it the most - it was a totally emotional journey down Melody Road, y'all. Classic Diamond, for sure - all original material. Here's a good Business Insider article and interview by Edouard Guihaire, writing for the AFP, and here's the Billboard review of the album, which also features a recap of his Reddit AMA. He's too cool. I sung Sweet Caroline at karaoke the other week.

I tried to get through the new Iceage today, Plowing Into the Fields of Love, put out by Matador. The only point of reference I have for this is that it's Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds-ish. It was interesting but I dunno if I can really relate to it, though full disclosure I clicked it off at the 5th song. He was singing something about a horse, or horses. They may have been running in a field.

Pitchfork gave the album an 8.5, and loyal readers may remember I think Pitchfork is mediocre so I imagine I'm on the right track by suspecting "Plowing Into the Fields of Love" may be art, but it falls short of being rock'n'roll. Where did I steal that line from? Seems like it was in a song I heard recently. Thanks, whoever I stole that from. Here is Iceage's single. I do like this one.

Buck Biloxi and the Fucks released a new batch of 14 songs on Bandcamp today called Culture Demanufacturer. I've listened to it three times today. On first listen, I thought it did not achieve the, uhm, primacy, or immediacy, of the first EP on Bandcamp, Live At Saturn Bar. But then I listened to it again on the ride home, and came to terms that it was more a recorded thing than a live thing. At home after a couple of scotch and waters, I'm pretty sure, Culture Demanufacturer is everything rock'n'roll turned out to be:

I learned about Buck and the Fucks just the other day from the excellent podcast, Dynamite Hemorrhage, who already has a new show out. Sweet. I was impressed with the first one I'd heard, last week's episode. Can't wait to listen tomorrow at work.

Here's another Buck Biloxi and the Fucks song I found:

There's another 12" coming out in a few months from HoZa Records.

I also listened to Terrorizer for the first time and realized the type of metal I'm into is grindcore. This album is important. Our descendents, robots, aliens, and a mix thereof will listen to this and think WTF. But ya know, in a good way:

New from Burger Records:

This raga from 1957 was in my Soundcloud stream, from Smithsonian Folkways: